In 2017 The Big Space was acquired by Malac Kft, a leading provider of digital solutions across Europe.

The Big Space was started in 2003 by 4 students at St Andrews University. One of the students wanted to store his belongings over the summer, some clothes, a few books, his expensive hi-fi, and his desktop computer.

After calling around a few companies out of the yellow pages, he quickly realised that the cost of storage for students was far too high - his average quote was £200 just to store a few belongings. More importantly, when he asked where they would be stored (in case of damp, extreme cold, etc...) he was told that it would be either in someone's shed, a barnhouse or '...I'm not really sure where they store it'.

None of the companies offered any type of insurance in case something went wrong either.

After thinking about it, he decided that he didn't want his clothes going damp and mouldy, his computer or hi-fi getting wet, or for something to go wrong and not be insured. After discussing this with a few friends, we realised that there was a gap in the market for a company that is reliable, well-known, fully insured, and stores items in a damp-free, airtight environment, at a price that a student can afford.

The Big Space proved to be a winning idea, and we were fully booked in the first year for orders - and the following years were the same. We've now expanded our storage facilities, and are able to take over double the amount of orders per university than we previously could. (although, if you're reading this and thinking about ordering, don't take too long!)

After a few successful years of running The Big Space, we decided to expand the service to other universities, and providing that the concept works, we hope to cover all the main universites soon - so if we don't offer storage there yet, keep checking!