The Big Space is a trading name of Malac Kft, a company incorporated in Hungary (No. 25507140-2-42) with the registered address of 1077 Budapest, Király utca 41. 1. lház. 3. em. 17/A.


Large: Under 0.5m on any one dimension, under 1.3m on all 3 dimensions added together, under 20KG in weight.

Extra Large: Under 0.9m on any one dimension, under 1.8m on all 3 dimensions added together, under 20KG in weight.

Suitcase/Bag: Under 0.7m on any one dimension (excepting golf bags), under 1.4m on all 3 dimensions added together, under 20KG in weight.

Trunk: Under 1.8m on all 3 dimensions added together, under 30KG in weight.

If your item does not fit into any of the above categories, it will be classed as either a trunk (at the discretion of the collection team), or you will be given an individual price by the collection team for that item.

Referral Offer Terms

Minimum order value for either a referred person, or a person referring others is £50. Both customers must have live (not cancelled) orders at the time of the collection

Standard Storage Period

The Big Space operates on a ‘Standard Storage Period’ (SSP) that differs depending on the area/university you have stored at. For storage over the summer period, all customers are charged a set length, which is calculated as the median length of time the customers are storing their items for. In some cases, the SSP may differ from your actual storage length of time - if the SSP is longer than your actual storage period we cannot offer any refund for the extra period, nor can we defer delivery.


On collection of the items to be stored, the full payment of storage costs must be made to The Big Space. This must be made in the form of cash or debit/credit card. We do not accept cheques. If payment is not made within 14 days of the invoice being sent after collection, The Big Space will charge £40 on top of any outstanding invoice as a late charge - this will only be done after the customer has been sent a reminder to the e-mail address they have registered with on our site.

If the customer wishes to pay by card, there will be a charge of 10% of total invoice or £10, whichever is the greater. This is to cover card processing fees, and also the cost of sending an invoice to the customer.

Where we deliver

We will return items to the customer to their new address, as long as it is within a reasonable distance from their previous address, and still within the town/city boundaries. We define a reasonable distance as approximately 7 miles from the previous address in a city, or 4 miles from the previous address if in a town. If you are outside these boundaries, please e-mail us to inform us of this, and we will discuss the issue with you, although we reserve the right to charge a fee reflecting our costs for delivering the items. If the customer arranges delivery, and then the delivery team are unable to deliver due to any reason within the customer’s control, The Big Space will add a £40 charge for a failed delivery.

Early delivery

The Big Space deliver items back for free at the start of the academic term of the respective university/area. Within St Andrews, this is during the Freshers Week period - outside these dates delivery may not be possible, or we may offer delivery at an additional charge.

We are generally unable to provide early delivery for any customer, due to the logistics of our stored items and that we may be operating in another area. We suggest that you contact us by e-mail and we will tell you if it is possible. If it is, the customer will be charged a fee that reflects our costs in organising the return of the goods at an earlier date, and the customer will not be refunded for any unused storage time that they may have already paid for.

Without cleared payment in full, the goods cannot be returned to the customer. This includes any re-delivery/administration fee for the organising of an early delivery.

Late delivery

Our free delivery service applies only to the standard summer storage service. Storage for dates outside the Standard Summer Storage period is not eligible for free collection and/or delivery.

If a customer wishes to have their items delivered after the designated delivery dates, or fails to book delivery of their items before the last delivery is made, they will be charged 4 times the amount they were previously paying per week for storage, plus a reasonable charge to reflect our costs in organising the re-delivery of the items to the customer.

For example, if the customer was previously paying £7 per week for their storage, they would now be charged £28 per week, plus a reasonable delivery charge. The amount chargeable will be calculated daily and added to the final customer bill. Also, the items will be no longer insured, and any claims will not be considered. Please note that the items will also need to be shipped by a courier, and the costs of this will be passed to the customer.

Delivery after the end of freshers' week will incur a delivery charge. This charge will reflect our costs in sending a vehicle and driver to deliver only your belongings.

Self-collection and storage

We do not offer self-storage services. Our storage facilities are designed for industrial scale storage, and not for consumer use - in the same way that a distribution center differs from a supermarket. Due to this, customers cannot store or collect their items themselves, a delivery will need to be arranged.

Non-Collection of items

If a customer should not re-book their delivery of their items back to themselves, using this website before the final delivery date in that area, the items in storage will fall under the terms specificed in the Late Delivery section.

Delivery and collection terms:

On delivery after the storage period, it is the responsibility of the customer to check the contents of the item/box for any form of damage immediately after receiving the box from our delivery team. If damage has occurred, this must be shown to our delivery team BEFORE they leave the customer's address. We cannot accept any responsibility for damage that is reported after our delivery team has left the address.

Our Rights to sell-off Goods to recover payment

In default of Prompt Payment of Your Debt, We shall be entitled to:-

If We decide to exercise either of Our rights set out in the condition above, You authorise Us:-

We will sell the Goods by the best method(s) reasonably available to achieve the best selling price reasonably obtainable in the open market, taking into account the costs of sale and administrative charges relating to the debt collection and auction / disposal of Your Goods.

We will use the proceeds of the sale to pay first the costs incurred by Us in the sale of the Goods, administration costs etc.

Any balance will be held for You. Interest will not accrue to You on the balance.

If the proceeds of sale are insufficient to discharge the costs of sale incurred by Us and Your Debt without deduction, You must pay any balance outstanding to Us within seven days of a written demand from Us which will set out the balance remaining due to Us after the net proceeds of sale have been credited to You. Interest will continue to accrue on the balance of Your Debt until it has been paid in full.

If the Goods cannot be sold for a reasonable price or at all (for any reason whatsoever), or despite Our efforts they remain unsold, You authorise Us to treat them as abandoned by You and to destroy or otherwise dispose of them at Your cost.

Items we cannot store:

We regret that for insurance and safety reasons, we are unable to store any of the following items:


Each item stored by us is insured for a maximum of £100. Should you wish to take out further insurance cover, this is available and can be specified when booking. We are prepared to store, but cannot insure the following items:

A member of our collection team will advise customers if there is likely to be a problem with what they are storing at the time of collection. Items can be refused to be collected by our collection team, and it is at their personal discretion whether to accept an item or not for storage.

After the designated delivery dates are over, and the customer has not taken delivery of their items, we regret that no items will be covered under the insurance policy, and no claims will be considered for any items.

Excessive communication

The Big Space is a self-service business. Customers should place and manage their orders using the website. We will provide reasonable support to customers but we reserve the right to levy a charge of £10 per email, or phone call, where a customer requires repeated communications wherein the same point is repeated. This specifically applies where a customer seeks to debate a point covered by these terms and conditions, fails to provide basic information, or unreasonably attempts to renegotiate the contract that exists between us.


Customers are able to cancel an order at any point until the day that we deliver their storage materials. Customers may also cancel after we have delivered storage materials at no cost, provided that all materials provided are returned unused and undamaged. Used boxes will be charged at £10 each and tape at £3 per roll.