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We will store your belongings. We collect them before you leave, and we deliver them back when you return. Book online using the form below.

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Free standard boxes!

These are our best value storage boxes.

Just £1 per week, per box. We provide the boxes and tape.

Size: 50cm x 30cm x 30cm

Store any suitcase or bag under 20kg.

£2.50 per week + £7.50 handling fee

All inclusive

  • Free boxes and packing tape
  • Free collection and delivery
  • Insurance included as standard

You might also need

£1.80 per week + £5.00 handling fee

£2.50 per week + £7.50 handling fee

£3.50 per week + £10.00 handling fee

£60 for the summer

We can store anything else too. Contact us for a price.

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How it works

We've been storing things for 12 years. Thousands of students from all across the world have trusted us with their summer storage.

Free standard boxes

We'll deliver free standard boxes for you to store your stuff in.

Free packing tape

Tape your boxes up securely before we arrive.

Free collection & delivery

We'll collect your things at the end of term, and bring them back at the start of next year. Free.

Insured as standard

We include insurance for everything you store.

Guaranteed lowest prices

Our simple low prices are unrivalled. Just £1 per week, per box.

Managed online

You can manage every part of your storage using our easy-to-use website.


The Big Space is proud to be the cheapest storage option for students. We beat any other company on price. Our standard box costs just £1 per week, and you get the box free!

Standard boxes

Best value

BEST VALUE. Our standard sized storage boxes. This is the ONLY size box we provide. Max weight 15kg

  • Maximum weight: 15kg
£1.00 / week

Large items

Any single item or box below 20kg. Must be smaller than 50cm on any dimension. NB: We only provide standard boxes, other boxes must be supplied by yourself.

  • Maximum weight: 20kg
£1.80 / week

Extra large items

Any item or box that is over 50cm and under 90cm on any one dimension. Max weight 20KG. NB: We only provide standard boxes, other boxes must be supplied by yourself.

  • Maximum weight: 20kg
£2.50 / week


Any normal sized suitcase or bag with a maximum weight of 20kg.

  • Maximum weight: 20kg
£2.50 / week


A trunk, packing case, or over-sized suitcase, bag or item weighing up to 30kg.

  • Maximum weight: 30kg
£3.50 / week


Any pedal bicycle.

£60 / summer


Any item that does not fit into one of our usual descriptions.

Contact us for a price

The maximum weight of any single item is 20kg, except trunks, which can be a maximum weight of 30kg


Frequent questions

How do I get my items back?

We'll send you an e-mail in August to your e-mail address that you registered with on our site. When you get this, you can log back into your account and choose your date for re-delivery. We recommend that you do this as soon as you receive the e-mail, as we have limited slots on each date for returning items and once the date is full no more items can be brought back on that date.

Where do you collect/deliver to?

Our collection and delivery areas are detailed on our site. We can collect/deliver within each area, however there will be a charge if you want your items delivering to a different town/city from where they were collected.

If I don’t use all the standard boxes, can I return some without being charged for them?

Of course. Just bring the unused boxes to us when we come to collect your items and you can return them with no charge.

Can I pay by credit/debit card?

Yes you can - when we collect your items we will send you a receipt and later on an invoice. You have 14 days to pay your invoice after receiving it.

Do I need to label my items?

On a standard box, you can write your name on there, we have provided a section on the box for this! On other items, you do not need to label them, but we advise you write your name on all items if possible. When we collect your items, we label them ourselves so we can find them in our warehouse.

What boxes do you provide to store my items?

We ONLY provide the standard sized boxes, if you wish to use other sized boxes then you need to supply these yourself. Only the standard box that we provide is charged at £1 per week, all other boxes are charged as shown on our 'Prices' section.

How do you calculate the charge for my storage?

Each university has a 'Standard Storage Period', which is the median length of time someone stores their items for. All customers are charged for this period - for example St Andrews customers are charged for 18 weeks.

Where do you collect/deliver items from?

For halls of residence, we collect and deliver items back to the reception areas only. For private residences, we collect/deliver your items from the ground floor/entrance of your block (if in a flat) or the hallway/ground floor of your house. Collection or delivery from/to anywhere other than this will result in a charge.

How does the referral discount work?

Once you've placed an order, you have the opportunity to save £10 on your order for every new customer you refer (they also save £10!). Simply share the link you receive when your order is placed with your friends! To get a discount, your order must be over £50, as must any orders on your referral link.

How do I seal my standard boxes?

You must tape up the top AND the bottom of your boxes - we see a number of people who don't put any tape on the bottom of their box, and this can lead to their items falling out when the boxes are moved. Also, the box must close properly and the flaps on the top and bottom must meet - if you've overpacked the box so that you can't close it properly this will be charged at £20 per box.

What fees are there alongside your storage costs?

We have a number of fees that are payable by customers as shown below: - Failed/Missed Collection: £30 - Overweight Item: Moved to next category of pricing or £20 charge - Overpacked Item: £20 - Late Fee (non payment of invoice after 14 days of issuing): £40 - Failure to return boxes: £10 per box - Cancelling order after boxes delivered: £10 per box, £5 per roll of tape.

When do you deliver items back?

We deliver items back on a date that suits you and generally during Freshers Week, however if you wish to arrange early/late delivery then please get in touch.

Do you take cheques?

Unfortunately we do not accept cheques as payment, however we do take credit/debit cards, and cash on collection.

If my delivery address in September changes from the collection address in May, when do I tell you?

After we've collected your order, your items will be safely stored until September. In August, we'll send you an e-mail asking you to book in your re-delivery. At this stage, you can enter your new address and select a date for us to bring your items back!

What if I want to store more/less with you after I have placed my order?

Not to worry! Simply have everything that you want to store ready for your collection day. Our collection team will calculate your order cost when they arrive to collect your items. If you need more standard boxes, reply to your order confirmation with the number of extra standard boxes you need - if we can, then we’ll bring you more!

What if I decide not to return to my university after the summer, or if I move somewhere else?

We can either store your items until you return, we can deliver them to a friend at the same university, or we can have them shipped to your new location. Please contact us by e-mail to arrange this, and we'll be able to quote you a price for your desired option.

What if I need to store my items for longer than I originally thought?

This is fine - please send us an e-mail informing us of this, and we’ll be able to arrange this and quote you a price for the longer period of storage. There may be a charge for delivering the items, depending on your return date.

What is a 'usual order' size?

This is quite hard to answer, but we are asked this all the time so we'll try! Generally most people take between 8-12 standard boxes, alongside their own items. If you don't use all our boxes you can return them and you won't be charged for them - so order 1-2 more than you think you might need! If boxes aren't returned, they are charged at £5 per box.

Are my items insured?

Each box / item that you store with us is insured for £100 - please see the terms and conditions for the exceptions to this. You can increase the level of insurance on a particular item by paying a small charge, please mention this to the collection team when they arrive and they can calculate it for you.

What time will my delivery/collection happen?

Our drivers will be with you between 8AM-6PM on the day you have chosen for your delivery or collection. On particularly busy days, we may arrive after 6PM and we will give you notice of this via a call, e-mail or text message beforehand so you don't have to wait for us.

Can I pick a time for my collection/delivery?

Yes, you can book a 2 hour window but there is a charge of £40 as we need to send a separate driver just for your items. If you'd like to book this, you can e-mail our team at with your details and the times you want to book (i.e 11AM-1PM). The cost of this will be added to your total storage cost.

Do I need to be present for collection/delivery?

No, you can leave the items with a friend or in a safe place and we can collect them from there. We can then send you a payment request via e-mail and you can pay this using a debit or credit card. Please advise our team if you wish to do this by e-mailing them on

When do you offer free collection and delivery?

Each area has set dates for free collection and delivery of items. Free collection is offered typically during the end of the summer term, and free delivery is available during most of Freshers Week the following term. Outside these dates, there is a small charge for delivery or collection to reflect our costs in sending out a van for a small number of tasks.

When do I pay for my order?

Payment is due on collection of your items, either in cash or by debit/credit card within 14 days of your items being collected. Unfortunately we cannot accept cheques.

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The Big Space was founded in 2003 by a group of St Andrews students. Since then, we have gone from strength to strength and are now the leading provider of storage for students within Scotland. We keep our prices lower than anyone else, and storing with us is an extremely simple process. We have thousands of satisfied customers!

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